ALEX KARRAS  (Deceased)

Inducted:  May 16, 1976 in East Chicago, IN

Date of Birth:  July 15, 1935 in Gary, IN

High School Attended:  Gary Emerson         Graduated:  1954

High School Honors:  All-State 1952, 1953 and All-American 1954.

College Attended:  University of Iowa          Graduated:  1958

College Honors:  1956 All-American; 1957 All-American Lineman of the Year Outland Award.

Professional Athletic Background:  Detroit Lions number one draft pick 1958; played 12 years as defensive tackle for the Lions, retiring in 1970.

Professional Athletic Honors:  Team captain; voted Greatest Defensive Player in History of NFL-NYAC 1975; played in All-Pro Bowl Game 1960, 1961, 1962, and 1965; was All-Pro 1967 and 1968; made All-Time Lions Team 1970.

Special Recognition:  Named to All-Time Big 10 Team 1975; was a color man with Howard Cosell on Monday Night Football; as an actor, appeared in Blazing Saddles, 500 Pound Jerk, Babe “Babe” Didrikson, Paper Lion; did TV commercials and well-known as a speaker; older brothers Ted and Lou both played in the NFL which led to their mother being the only woman inducted into NFL Football Hall of Fame because she had 3 sons playing professional football.

Family:  First wife, Joan; children, Alex, Jr., Peter, George, Carolyn, and Renald; second wife, Carol; daughter, Katherine; five grandchildren.

Mr. Karras passed away October 10, 2012.